Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Caffeine/No Alcohol Day 1 and 2 Recap

I made it! I'm almost through my second day without caffeine. I think all my friends are doing equally well.

Here's a quick summary of how things are going.

Sunday. I felt awful. On Sunday I had officially ran out of coffee in my house and I refused to buy any more. Why tempt myself? I drank a decaf latte in the morning....then went back to bed...but I couldn't I forced myself to get up. I made it until 2:30pm then I went on a Starbucks run. However, I did order a HALF caf latte.

Monday. Slept like crap Sunday night. Drank a caffeinated homemade iced green tea latte in the morning. Went to work. Noticed myself feeling headache-y, cranky, irritable, and very tired. Left work, drove to Starbucks. Ordered second half caf latte of the week. Ahhhh.....

Tuesday. It was official. This was my last day with caffeine. I was eager to go to Starbucks one last time for my caffeine fix. I woke up with lots of energy and couldn't wait for that latte. My friends all sent me pics of their last caffeinated beverage and so we commiserated. I did have two glasses of wine later that evening (It was NYE!!!), but I am obviously not as attached to that beverage. Bon Voyage Vino.

Wednesday. This is my official day one without caffeine. I have decaf coffee and decaf green tea ready for consumption. I know these beverages have a very small amount of caffeine, but compared to what I was consuming, it's very minuscule. Maybe in time I will be able to let go of the decaf coffee altogether, but today is not that day. I had a decaf latte with almond milk, breakfast, and 3 ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is for the mild headache I woke up with. I didn't feel too bad throughout the day, but around 5-6 pm I had a craving for coffee. I made myself a half decaf coffee, half teeccino latte. Yum!

Thursday (today). Day 2. I woke up before my alarm with more energy than usual. I drank a decaf green tea latte, went to work, and felt pretty good until 11-ish. I did take two ibuprofen then for a mild headache. 11:15 AM. Coffee craving!!! Went to Starbucks and ordered a decaf latte. It's now 6 pm and I am feeling pretty good. I feel like I am over the difficult part of this process.

Stay tuned.


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