Friday, December 6, 2013

Paleo Spinach Pesto

So I drank the Crossfit Kool-Aid and I decided to go Paleo!

Just joking! ;)

BUT I did find this amazing recipe for Paleo Spinach Pesto. However, like a good vegetarian carbivore I quickly un-Paleo-ed this recipe when I served the pesto over whole wheat tomato basil flavored pasta.

Check out the recipe here. Note: I used a homemade vegan parmesan instead of regular parmesan. See pics below.

Now that I have digressed a bit, here is how my Friday went.


Terrible pic, but in my defense it was 5 something in the morning. I had to get up super early because it snowed here.
Note: I hate winter and I hate cleaning snow, ice, etc. off my car.
Luckily, I had iced coffee, chocolate Nuttzo on a bagel, and pb/jelly on toast to make my morning better.
I think I ate these around 10:30.
"C" is for Cold.
This was leftover brown rice, a bag of Asian veggies, and a handful of cashews. Simple. Easy. Good.
Crossfit was at 4:45 today. Honestly, I was feeling a little low energy in the afternoon. I was even contemplating staying home. I had many excuses.....too much to do...poor road conditions....too cold...maybe the box is closed...etc. Then I saw the box's facebook page had just posted one of my favorite motivational fitness quotes,"if you wait for the perfect conditions you will never get anything done".
So I brewed myself a half caf pot of coffee (I used Teeccino mixed with coffee) and started getting ready to go.
Today's warm-up was 1000 meter row (I really like rowing!) and 3 sets, 6 reps each of upright rows, snatches, thrusters, lat pulls. Then we did squats: 4 sets, 8 reps.
Our WOD was only 6 minutes and it consisted of AMRAP 3 thrusters, 5 pull-ups (I was band-assisted). I think I did 5? rounds plus 3 extra thrusters. Compared to yesterday's WOD it didn't feel too difficult at all except that my arms were really giving out when it came to the last few pull-ups.
And I'm a slacker! I should have taken a picture of the dry erase board and of my friend rocking the squats!
Next week I'm going to try Crossfit at another location. I really did like this box, though. Nothing bad to say at all other than the cost is high, but all boxes are pretty pricey.
When I got home from Crossfit, I was hungry. My husband got out some organic potato chips ( I sorta rubbed off on him!). I was really tempted to eat them, too. I talked myself out of it and drank almond milk with protein powder along with some fruit.

While I was cooking dinner, I had a few carrots with red pepper hummus. I was pleasantly surprised by the hummus. I really liked it. I am usually kind of picky about red pepper flavored things and usually like plain hummus the best.
I LOVED this spinach pesto. It turned out so great in my new food processor. I love that thing!

I also want to give props to the people at Green Bean. They delivered our groceries on time in this nasty weather.
All of this organic food for $50!
The last exciting event of the day was the Christmas tree going up.
We decided to put this simple tree up instead of our usual tree just because we are a little late getting the d├ęcor up. This tree is so much easier to put up, but I will admit I kind of miss our regular tree. Who knows, though, it might make an appearance this weekend. :)

Now just for fun.....

:) These made me smile. Have a great weekend!

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