Thursday, December 5, 2013

Late Wednesday post

I usually don't stay up this late...hmmm...maybe I should have got the half caf latte at Starbucks...
Anyways, this morning I actually woke up feeling good and pretty hungry. Iced latte and whole bagel with Nuttzo. Yum!

Lunch was Amy's tofu burrito, an apple, pretzel sticks, and dark chocolate.
Today my workout plan was to head to the weight room and do a circuit that my trainer gave me. I was feeling low on energy so I stopped and got an iced soy latte before the workout.
I ate a Larabar with the coffee.

When I got home from the gym, I was starving! So I mixed a cup of OJ with a scoop of protein powder.
For dinner, I had decided to make bean and rice casserole. I snacked on baked chips and salsa and had a few bites of granola mixed with yogurt while I was cooking.

The casserole turned out great!
And for dessert, a Tofutti Cutie! Till tomorrow...good night!


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