Wednesday, December 4, 2013


SO my blog has been put on the back burner because I.....

ran a marathon


Got Married!


But I haven't forgotten about Sublime Kitchen :)

In fact, I've been brainstorming!

I have been thinking about changing Sublime Kitchen. Formerly the blog content mainly focused on plant-based recipes. Lately, I've been feeling like I want to incorporate more topics into the blog. Fitness, health, food, recipes, life. Those are all things I enjoy writing about.

I've really been inspired by the blog Carrots 'n' Cake. I love how she incorporates so many different aspects of life into her blog. It's a really fun blog to follow and read.

So with that being said, here goes!

Today was the first day of my first full week back at work since my wedding. I enjoyed having all of that time off, but it's also nice to be in a routine.

While on our honeymoon, I became re-addicted to coffee! I blame Bad Ass Coffee! There was a Bad Ass Coffee within a few miles of our house we rented. I was there nearly every day. I'm not sure I want to cut back on coffee least for now.

This morning I had an iced Bad Ass Coffee with soy milk and stevia. I wasn't really hungry, but I grabbed a granola bar just in case.

It's so nice to wake up to this :)

Poor Buddy didn't want me to leave for work ;)
I actually didn't get hungry till lunch. I enjoyed an Amy's black bean burrito, an organic pear, wheat pretzel sticks, and 3 pieces of dark chocolate (I saved the 4th for later).
Around 3:30 I was starving so I scarfed that granola bar and fourth piece of chocolate.
Today was another one of those days when I just did not want to work out! I really wanted to go straight home from work to my warm house, but I talked myself into a "3 mile run". Once I got started running, I ended up feeling so much better. I even added a 4th mile onto my run!
Right before my run, I ate a PRO BAR I had found on sale at a local grocery store. It was pretty good fuel for the run.

When I got home, I was starving again, and we were out of my regular post workout snack of hummus and carrots.
I indulged in some baked tortilla chips with Jack's salsa (amazing!) instead.
For dinner, I had planned to make vegetable fried rice from a recipe I had found on Pinterest. I modified it a little and it turned out okay....maybe a little green bean-y.
I always have something a little sweet after dinner. Tonight it was 3 Whonu cookies with some reduced fat butter pecan ice cream on top. YUM.
SO Sunday, I roughly made a meal plan for our week. I kind of like doing that. That way I know what we are eating every night and I don't have to spend time thinking about what to make.

Any experienced meal planners out there?

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