Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things Friday

I've seen a lot of other bloggers write posts such as "Five Things Friday". I also wanted to write a post about some of my experiences this week and review some places/food that I encountered.

1. Amy's has a new pizza out (at least new to me). It is an Organic Vegan Pizza Margherita made with Daiya cheese. It is so yummy. However, it is a wee bit expensive and high in fat so I plan to have it as an occasional treat. Gots to satisfy the pizza craving!

2. New Yoga studio in town! Surya Ratka Yoga. I went to a class on Thursday and really enjoyed the spacious studio (spaciousness is something I find that is commonly lacking when it comes to yoga studios). The instructor seemed very experienced and bonus-the studio had an amazon local deal that I bought making 10 classes five bucks each!
Check them out:

3. So I have been meaning to try Sweet Art Cafe in St. Louis. They have an appetizing vegan menu. They also have lots of vegan desserts including cupcakes. They are the only baker in St. Louis that I could find to offer a vegan wedding cake option. I contacted them a few months ago and I was told to come in and purchase whatever cupcakes they happen to be selling that day in order to try them. Then I would discuss my wants with their wedding cake specialist. I had some errands to run in St. Louis so I decided to swing by Sweet Art and grab some lunch. I ordered the Sweet Burger (Vegan Veggie Burger) with daiya cheese and avocado (both up charges). I also planned on ordering one of each of the vegan cupcakes they had. I could not find descriptions or prices for the cupcakes anywhere. And honestly after standing in line for 15 min (there were only 2 people in front of me, but it seemed to take forever for each order to be placed)--I decided to stay on the safe side with a vegan red velvet cupcake. I ordered 2 cupcakes and I said I wanted one cupcake to go. They gave me both cupcakes to go. I planned on eating a cupcake after my burger, but after waiting over 20 minutes for my food, I ate my cupcake first. I know this is vegan junk food, but I don't live where I can buy vegan desserts often so I indulge when I can. Back to the cupcake. It was very good, but I bit into it and half of the cupcake ended up on the floor. The lack of eggs acting as a binder in vegan baking can cause crumbly cake. When my burger finally came, the waitress confirmed a daiya cheese and avocado Sweet Burger. They also packed my order to go....which I had not requested. The burger was pretty good although there was some seasoning I didn't care for. The homemade bun was the highlight. There was also maybe a teaspoon of daiya cheese and no visible avocado. I had read of service issues at Sweet Art so I knew in advance not to expect too much. I love the concept and am excited for vegetarian restaurants within driving distance, but I'm not sure I would go back. Or if I went back it would be extremely occasional. I did love the very inspirational quotes on the walls and the artsy decor. Lastly, if I serve a vegan wedding cake to non-vegan guests, it has to be knock-your-socks-off good and I'm sorry Sweet Art, but yours wasn't.

4. So I am running my fourth half marathon Sunday. Yeah! And I needed new shoes...not for the half marathon, of course. I just need new running shoes once the half is over. My running buddy recommended Fleet Feet and gave me a 10 dollar off coupon. After lunch at Sweet Art, I stopped by Fleet Feet for some new kicks. I was so impressed. The customer service was outstanding. They really know their stuff. Mason, the guy who helped me, took his time to help me find the perfect shoe. This is definitely my new running shoe store. I can't wait to start wearing these next week!

5. The cool thing about Fleet Feet is that it is right next to Dierberg's grocery store and The Natural Way Natural Food Store. I was running short on time so I only stopped by Natural Way. I picked up some of my favorite kale chips Alive and Radiant Kale Krunch Chips in Quite Cheezy. Again, pricey but so good!

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