Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coconut Berry Matcha Smoothie

Historically, I haven't really made a lot of smoothies, but I am very into them lately. Although, I remember a few years ago I did have a Friday morning routine of going to the gas station and getting a Lo-Carb Monster energy drink (the blue one) then driving across the street to Smoothie King and ordering a "green tea tango" smoothie with blueberries. I have since ditched the daily energy drink for coffee. And not that Smoothie King isn't a great option compared to MOST fast-food places, but they do add a decent amount of sugar to their drinks to make them taste better....although you can request your smoothie be made without it.
Today I REALLY needed a pick me up after work. In the past I may have turned to an energy drink, but I am trying to make healthier choices so I came up with this smoothie. I added in matcha green tea powder for a little caffeine. This smoothie got me through spin class and kettlebell class in an aerobics room that felt like it was 80 degrees! It would also make a good post work out drink. Enjoy!


(serves 1)
  1. 1 tsp of matcha green tea powder
  2. 1 cup of frozen mixed berries
  3. 1 scoop of protein powder
  4. 1 cup of coconut milk (from the carton, not canned)
  5. 1 stevia packet
  6. 1/4 cup of coconut milk based ice cream or frozen yogurt ( I used So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream-Vanilla Bean Flavored)


Blend all ingredients until smooth.

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